a scandal of epic poop-portions!

a bit of background info on me and my beliefs before i get to the scandal of today….

i don’t spend money on things i don’t need. i don’t replace things just because a newer, shinier version comes out. i still have the same radio alarm clock i received for christmas in 1986. it still works, so why would i buy a new one. my living room furniture is over 11 years old. sure it’s getting a bit saggy, but i’m not going to go into debt to get brand new… i trade clothes with my cousin and sister so that we don’t all have to go out and get new things. and when i do get new things, they are always on sale.

i reuse and re-purpose like a madman….

i make, rather than buy gifts for people. or i’ll donate in someone’s name. justin had an orangutan adopted in his name for christmas this year, and my nephew is the proud adoptive parent of a manatee named Ariel.

i do my part to protect the environment. instead of paper or plastic i always bring reusable grocery bags. i’ll only buy produce and juice grown and manufactured only in america. i do this for several reasons… the amount of fossil fuel and the negative carbon impact on the environment created by shipping fruit and vegetables from chile, brazil, and the like is ridiculous. pesticides like the detrimental DDT are still used in other countries,  even “organic” produce from mexico has been found to contain DDT. i try to buy from farmers markets and smaller neighborhood markets rather than giant mega-marts when i can. i buy eggs from my high school friend who’s kids are in 4H. this supports local farmers/growers, it reduces shipping and manufacturing waste, and they are darn good eggs. I’d much rather buy some not certified organic carrots from a local farm than certified organic trucked in from another country. if that means i rarely get to eat bananas or mangos, so be it. it took a while for justin to join me on this soapbox, and sometimes i think he’s just standing there to be supportive, but he does always make sure we have our bags when we go to the market.


anyhow…. justin and i have our amazing dog gatsby. because we live in an apartment, we, as responsible pet owners clean up after gatsby when he does his ‘business’ in the morning. (in all honesty – it’s justin who takes the gatz down 99% of the time… he’s swell like that). unlike the other dog owners who live here, we always have ‘poop bags,’ which help keep dogs, kids, grown ups healthy. there’s nothing worse than walking to get the mail and having to avoid strange dog poop.

i’ve been buying biodegradable poop bags, because if poop is bagged up in old plastic grocery bags, or even regular plastic poop bags it sits around in the landfills for eternity, as plastic does not biodegrade… which isn’t good for anyone.

the brand i’ve been buying, bio bag usa touts itself as being 100% compostable, made from 100% GMO free corn. (i’ll deal with the GMO issue in a later blog)… here’s their spiel…
BioBag USA 100% Compostable Bags On A Roll Dog Waste Bags – Dog Poop Bags from petco.com

Picking up after your pet is part of being a responsible pet owner. We are constantly amazed when pet owners put 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable dog waste into plastic bags that can take over 100 years to decompose. Now owners have a logical solution… BioBag Dog Waste Bags. BioBag USA 100% Compostable Bags On A Roll fit most standard waste bag dispensers. Made with GMO-Free Corn and contains no Polyethylene. These dog poop bags meet California Law SB1749 for Compostable Product Claims.

so today i went to buy dog food and poop bags (the before and the after i suppose) and they were out of the ‘biodegradable’ bags. i ask the petco girl and she tells me that they were all recalled because the company admitted that they WERE NOT and NEVER HAD BEEN biodegradable!

i’ve been spending more on these bags just because they were biodegradable… now i find out that not only have i been spending extra money, i’ve been inadvertently tossing extra plastic into the local landfills, filled with dog poop that’s just going to hang out for hundreds of years in these plastic bags! i was livid!

i haven’t been able to find anything else out, what with the internet fighting against censorship and all, but trust me, i will get to the bottom of this.

it takes a lot to make me angry – but you did it bio bag usa! you are now on my ‘you will rue the day’ list